We invite you to join Alianzo Analytics & Influence Tools Affiliation Program

Program Benefits

Profit from advertising

Increase your site’s profit by advertising our products. You can earn commissions as high as 50% of our product value.

Enrich your content

Improve your site by adding visually atractive and interesting content to your visitors

How can I join the affiliate program?

It is very easy to join our program

To cooperate as an associate, you have to fill out the registration form. We will check your application and within 5 business days we will confirm you your affiliation and associate code by e-mail.
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How does the program work?

1. Choose the format that best suits your site needs

To start profiting your site add text links or banners that you like with your associate code. Through this links, your visitors will hire our plans.

Thanks to your associate code, everytime your visitors finish their purchase we will know that they have done so through your site and we will pay you the corresponding fee.

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2. Start promoting our plans and increasing your revenue

After setting the links on your site, blog or social network, you will start generating revenues everytime your visitors buy any of Alianzo’s plans through your links.
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3. Analyse your performance and follow up your results

Alianzo will provide you full results reports. You will be able to see how your links are performing, which products, positions and formats are working better and your conversion rate. Therefore you will always know how much you will be earning.
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Affiliation advertising fees

Alianzo wants to promote its Analytics monthly plans. As an associate you will earn commissions everytime we get a client from your links and as long as they remain as our client you will be earning comissions every month over the time indefinitely. These are the monthly commissions to earn per plan:

Analytics 2

  • Affiliates’ commission: 50%

  • Analytics 2 real value: 40$/month
  • Earnings within a year: 220$
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Analytics 10

  • Affiliates’ commission: 50%
  • Analytics 10 real value: 165$/month
  • Earnings within a year: 913$
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Look no further. Start earning today and every month. Join us!

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